FAQ: Does the service come over cable/DSL/satellite/phone lines?


Does the service come over cable/DSL/satellite/phone lines?
Our service covers a similar range of speeds as cable/DSL/satellite, however that's where the similarities end. Our service is wireless, and thus requires that a Radio be installed on your property. This wireless radio 'talks' to one of our many transmitters located throughout Central Oregon.

We provide much greater upload speed and better latency than "Satellite" service which gets a signal from space, and we are able to cover areas that neither Cable nor DSL can reach. We do not tie up your phone line (if you even have one) and we do not run any other kind of cable to your property.

Many Webformix customers live completely off the grid, using solar or wind power. They can still get High Quality internet thanks to Webformix' wireless delivery method.
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