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We sell plans to accommodate services not megabits

Services are what matter to our customers. Netflix, gaming, Skype and more. Our network is fast, and it adapts itself to customer usage to give you the best experience possible. At any given moment, our network is balancing what each internet application needs to run well. End result? Your Netflix is snappy, your gaming runs smoothly and your telephone calls don't get dropped.

ISPs are engaged in a "Megabits rat race"

Across the United States, Internet Providers are all scrambling to impress you with quoted speeds "up to" a certain number of Megabits. Who gets rewarded? The one that claims the most, whether or not they deliver on their promises. What falls by the wayside? Useful service. Webformix has chosen not to engage in this marketing angle because we prefer to focus on making certain the applications customers want to use will run smoothly.

So how do I choose a plan?

We'll help you figure that one out! We can help you choose the right plan. We can also help with choosing streaming players, wireless routers, wifi security, and whatever else to get the job done right.

Example customer: Family Streaming

You call us with a question like "Hey we have a big family, we all watch streaming video, make calls over the internet to grandmas and the kids play games, what do you have that will work?" We start by recommending a plan that fits. Our network is dynamic and gives priority to what's important to each activity first. Say person A is on Facebook watching a cat video, you're person B watching a show on Netflix and person C is downloading a new video game. Our network is intelligent and will make sure Facebook loads quickly and Netflix doesn't get interrupted fighting with the game download. End result? Reduced tension about internet use at home.

Basic plan info below call for details (541) 385-8532

Service Name: Basic Single Video Streaming Family Video Streaming Power User
Monthly: $32/mo $50/mo $68/mo $95/mo
Basic Setup 1: $150 $150 $150 $285
Fairshare Policy (what each plan is designed for)
For Email,
Web Browsing
Online Gaming
Many Computers
Single Video Stream
Multiple video streams
Heavy uploading,
online backup
High Definition
Video Streaming
Included Services
Free Site Survey
No cable needed
to your home
30 day Money
Back Guarantee
No Contracts,
No Usage Caps
Priority weekend
tech support

Recommended System Requirements:

  • PC or Mac system with 1GHz or faster CPU
  • Windows XP or higher, MacOS X or higher
  • Most newer web browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.
  • We're Linux friendly, but you'll need to handle the configuration!
  1. Most installations only require the basic setup fee listed here, but in rare cases of long distance or unusual obstruction when a Grid Antenna or other equipment is required to complete the connection this may incur additional installation fees.
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