Powell Butte Oregon: Broadband Internet Access in Powell Butte, OR 97753

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Powell Butte, OR 97753

Powell Butte is a small farming community centered on Highway 126 between Redmond and Prineville. It is also the name of the butte located south of 126 in the same region. Powell Butte has a post office, Country Store, Elementary school and church — but is otherwise carpeted with cattle ranches and farmland. It is a place where folks love to make things grow and live life their own way, but it is definitely off the beaten path. High speed internet means folks can get their business done at home, and do not have to tear up 200 feet of driveway heading to town for every little thing.

Webformix has transmitters at the summits of Powell Butte and also Grizzly Butte to the north, and Grey Butte next to Smith Rocks. Our Interactive Coverage Map demonstrates the great signal we have in Powell Butte. Want to be sure if your property is covered? Schedule a Free Site Survey today!

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