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Sisters, OR 97759

The Three Sisters are a lovely chain of volcanic mountains along the Cascade Range. The community of Sisters Oregon stands about 8 miles East by Northeast from these peaks as a gateway to their wondrous beauty. While most residents of Sisters live in farms and ranches to the East and Southwest, Downtown Sisters is still a wonderful place to visit. Quaint shops line the streets with old west style storefronts, and you are greeted with a cozy, down home atmosphere few areas can match. Thanks to Webformix coverage of certain parts of Sisters however, getting away from it all does not mean leaving your High Speed Internet behind!

Sisters is more heavily wooded than other areas in Central Oregon, making it the most difficult to cover. Webformix' Broadband Internet availability in sisters at present only reaches the farms located to the East of the main community from our Cline Butte transmitter. Please see our coverage map for more details.

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