Email Support

Email Support

Automatic Setup

Take these steps to set up a new email account in Outlook or Outlook Express! Easy! :)

  1. Fill out the following information:
  2. Full Name:
    Email Address:
  3. Click this button:
  4. Select Open or Run file from current location (depending on prompt)
  5. When the Registry Editor asks for confirmation, select YES (sometimes you get 2 prompts).
  6. Start (or close, then re-open) Outlook Express.
  7. If you would like to use Outlook instead of Outlook Express, simply open Outlook. If it does not auto-detect a new profile, then select File from the pull-down menus, choose Import & Export, then Import Internet Mail Account Settings.

Instructions for setting up Outlook by hand

So you do not wish to use the automatic setup above, or something went wrong? You are using outlook and want to get your hands dirty, configuring all the settings manually? Click the link below matching your version of Microsoft Outlook to continue:

Email settings for any client, by hand

Not using outlook? Just need to know your email settings for trivial purposes? No prob! Enjoy. :)

Webmail URL:

POP Server:
pop.webformixair.com port 110

SMTP Server:
smtp.webformixair.com port 587

Remember to use your full email address!

If you have forgotten it, then Contact Us and ask to have it reset to a different password of your choosing.

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