Hosting Support

Hosting Support

These are tools and walkthroughs to better help you host your website. If your questions are not answered here, then please search our Frequently Asked Questions using the search tool above, or else Contact Us!

Email Settings

  • POP Server: pop.yourdomain.com
  • POP Server (alternate): pop.webformix.com
  • SMTP Server: your ISP's SMTP server
  • POP Account Name: user@yourdomain.com
  • SMTP Server (for roaming laptop users only): smtp.yourdomain.com*
  • Webmail URL: http://mail.yourdomain.com
  • Webmail URL (alternate): http://mail.webformix.com
*must be authenticated using a valid POP email account; contact us for details

Website Tools

*Statistics are not included in all hosting packages.

Online help for File Transfer and Website Management

Whois Lookup Utility

Want to know if a domain name is free to register? Want to know who has it right now?

(ex: yourbusiness.com)
  • Webformix can register domain names with the following extensions: .com .net .org .biz .name .us .info .uk .ca .cc .cn .tv — Contact us for pricing and details
  • Note: use of high volume, automated, electronic processes to access or query the WHOIS database is expressly prohibited!!!

Contact Us

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